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Gweike Cloud G2 Review: Industrial Laser Power in a Portable Design

Gweike Cloud G2

There are many great portable laser engravers out there, but Gweike’s new G2 20W Fiber laser engraver just may be the best new portable laser launched in 2023.

This new powerful and versatile fiber laser engraver can handle both home and professional projects with ease due to its industrial-grade capabilities, lightning-fast engraving speeds, and jaw-dropping accuracy.

In fact, if you’re looking for a laser engraver for your business, it could be a great idea to add the G2 to your shop for when you need to engrave at high speeds or on the go.

In this blog post, we will dive deep into what makes the Gweike Cloud G2 stand out, including side-by-side comparisons with competitors like the xTool F1 and the LaserPecker 4.

Key Takeaways

  • The Gweike Cloud G2 is a formidable new portable fiber laser marking machine that outperforms competitors like xTool’s F1 and the LaserPecker 4 in most key features.

  • With a maximum speed of 15,000mm/s, the G2 is ten times faster than other similar lasers on the market, allowing for a much higher volume of work to be done in the same amount of time.

  • The G2 is designed for portability and flexibility, making it easy to bring anywhere and engrave amazing patterns on all kinds of surfaces and materials outside of your shop


Introducing the Gweike Cloud G2

Gweike Cloud G2

Gweike, with a global footprint in over 180 countries, has over 19 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing laser cutting and engraving machines, and they’ve applied all of that experience to create the G2.

The Gweike Cloud G2‘s key features and benefits position it as an excellent choice for engraving metals and plastics with high accuracy and speed, and it’s a great choice for any hobbyist or small business that values portability in a laser engraver. It offers:

  • Unmatched speed, accuracy, and depth

  • Ideal for engraving metals and plastics

  • Suitable for small-scale household projects and larger batches of work

Key Features & Benefits

Gweike Cloud G2

Some of the key features that make the G2 stand out include:

  • Optical power: 20W Fiber laser

  • Work area: 4.3″ x 4.3″ or 5.9″ x 5.9″

  • Maximum speed: 15,000mm/s

  • Engraving depth: 1.5mm

  • Engraving materials: most metals, alloys, coated metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, titanium, and stainless steel. Some plastics such as AEV, PET, acrylic, and PVC. Other materials like artificial leather, lacquered paper, lacquered wood, some stones, purple sand, etc.

These features make it a top choice for engraving metals and plastics using advanced engraving technology. Its deep engraving capabilities and portability make it perfect for personalizing a wide range of items, from jewelry to industrial components.

Industrial Fiber Laser Power

Gweike Cloud G2

At 20W, The Gweike Cloud G2 boasts industrial fiber laser power – most consumer-grade fiber laser engravers have optical power in the range of 1-5W.

This high power is what enables the G2 to engrave at its very high speeds, and it’s also what allows it to engrave so deeply. Diode lasers simply do not compare with a fiber laser when it comes to engraving on metal.

Lighting Fast Engraving Speed

Gweike Cloud G2

Boasting an engraving speed of up to an impressive 15,000mm/s, the Gweike Cloud G2 outshines competitors like xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4.

With its galvanometer scanning marking system, the Gweike Cloud G2 fiber laser engraver offers faster and more precise engraving, setting it apart from handheld desktop fiber lasers and other engraving machines on the market, including the handheld desktop fiber laser.

Its advanced engraving technology allows it to achieve such high speeds while maintaining exceptional accuracy and resolution, making it suitable for detailed and high-volume engraving tasks.

High Engraving Accuracy

Gweike Cloud G2

Noteworthy among the Gweike Cloud G2’s features is its high-accuracy engraving with HD 8K resolution.

This level of accuracy results in more detailed and vivid creations, setting the Gweike Cloud G2 apart from other laser marking machines in the market.

From intricate designs to large-scale projects, the Gweike Cloud G2’s exceptional accuracy ensures precision and fidelity to your vision.

Unmatched Engraving Depth

Gweike Cloud G2

Boasting an engraving depth of up to 1.5mm, the Gweike Cloud G2 outperforms competitors like xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4, which can only achieve depths of up to 1mm.

With the added benefit of being able to adjust the engraving depth, the G2 offers versatility, so you can create a wide variety of different projects with this one machine.

Unpacking and Setting Up the Gweike Cloud G2

Gweike Cloud G2

Unpacking the Gweike Cloud G2 couldn’t be simpler. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to get started with engraving:

  • A laser source

  • A laser head

  • A working panel

  • A positioning plate

  • Other necessary cables or accessories

Its user-friendly design and automatic lifting function make setting up the Gweike Cloud G2 a breeze.

The adjustable marking range allows you to easily adjust engraving depths, ensuring a precise and smooth engraving process.

The Gweike Cloud G2’s easy setup process makes it a top choice for both beginners, while its features and high power make it a great choice for experienced engravers and businesses as well.

Build Quality and Portability of the Gweike Cloud G2

Gweike Cloud G2

Design-wise, the G2 is very similar to the LaserPecker 4. It’s lightweight with a nice carrying handle, and its detachable structure makes it easy to set up and take down, allowing you to engrave virtually anywhere.

Offering handheld and multi-angle capabilities, the Gweike Cloud G2 allows for personalized engravings on various surfaces, extending its engraving capabilities beyond traditional workbenches.

Similar to the LaserPecker 4, its safety cone around the engraving area doubles as a guide for when you want to use the machine as a handheld laser – all you have to do is place the bottom of the cone on the surface you want to engrave and then press start!

Engraving Performance

Gweike Cloud G2

The Gweike Cloud G2’s engraving performance is indeed impressive. Its versatility and color engraving capabilities, combined with its industrial power and accuracy, make it a formidable tool in the engraving industry.

Fast Preview

One notable feature that is really helpful when setting your piece up is its ability to show a fast preview. Typically, a laser engraver might show a red box around the engraving area, so you at least know you’ll be engraving in the right place.

The G2 takes this a step further by allowing you to see the outline of the entire design that you’re going to be making. This is an especially great feature for beginners who want the extra confidence that their piece is going to turn out right!

Color Engraving

Gweike Cloud G2

A thrilling feature of the Gweike Cloud G2 is its ability to engrave over 30 colors on stainless steel and titanium.

This capability opens up a world of creative possibilities and allows you to create stunning and unique designs that simply cannot be achieved with diode laser engraving machines like the F1 and LaserPecker 4. The G2 will take your personalized engraving to a new level.

Whether you’re working with metal jewelry or industrial components, the Gweike Cloud G2’s color engraving capabilities will bring your creations to life in vivid and breathtaking detail.

Software and Connectivity

Gweike Cloud G2

Offering seamless software and connectivity options, the Gweike Cloud G2 ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for your engraving projects.

It utilizes the Gweike cloud Offline control software, which is compatible with PC (Windows/MacOS/Linux) and mobile (Android, iOS) devices.

The Gweike Cloud G2 can be connected via Wi-Fi and USB, allowing for effortless and convenient transfer of designs and data, and you can import any typical file format from your design software into the laser software.

This enables effortless and convenient transfer of your designs between the device and a computer or smartphone, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


A range of accessories is available to enhance the Gweike Cloud G2’s engraving capabilities. These include:

Electric stand

Gweike Cloud G2

The G2 features an automatic lifting function, which enhances user convenience and precision in adjusting engraving depths, making the G2 a valuable tool for both detailed and high-volume engraving tasks.

Roller rotary

Gweike Cloud G2

Roller rotaries are very common and useful accessories for laser engravers, so it’s not surprising that the G2 offers one. These are great if you want to engrave onto the external surface of any cylindrical object, like tumblers, cups, or mugs.

Chuck rotary

Gweike Cloud G2

A chuck rotary is really useful if you want to engrave onto the outer or inner surfaces of cylindrical objects like rings or the inner surface of a cup. If you’re not sure what kinds of cylindrical engraving you may want to do in the future, I suggest getting the chuck rotary, so you have more flexibility compared to the roller rotary.

Safety Features

Safety is a priority for the Gweike Cloud G2, as evidenced by features like:

  • An emergency button, which allows you to quickly stop the engraving process in case of any issues or accidents

  • Safety goggles, which offer protection for your eyes during the engraving process

  • A protective shield with a wavelength of 1064-1070nm, which includes smoke ventilation to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

These safety features not only safeguard you and your workspace but also enhance the overall performance and lifespan of the Gweike Cloud G2.

By prioritizing safety, you can focus on your creative projects with peace of mind, knowing that the Gweike Cloud G2 has you covered.

Comparison: Gweike Cloud G2 VS. xTool F1 VS. LaserPecker 4

With the introduction of the G2 to the market, you may be wondering how it compares with the two primary competitor laser engravers that are already out there: the xTool F1 and the LaserPecker 4.

There are a few key features where the G2 drastically outperforms the other two:

  • Engraving speed: Gweike Cloud G2 has a maximum engraving speed of up to 15,000mm/s, greatly surpassing xTool F1’s 4,000mm/s and LaserPecker 4’s 2,000 mm/s.

  • Engraving depth: Gweike Cloud G2 can achieve engraving depths of up to 1.5mm, whereas the xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4 can engrave up to about 1mm deep

  • Price: Gweike Cloud G2 is currently listed at $1,599, which is the same as the F1 and $200 cheaper than LaserPecker 4.

Here’s a full rundown of how the G2 stacks up with the F1 and LP4:

Gweike Cloud G2xTool F1LaserPecker 4
Laser TypeFiberDiode, IRDiode, IR
Optical Power20W10W, 2W10W, 2W
Engraving Speed15,000 mm/s4,000 mm/s2,000 mm/s
Engraving Depth1.5mm1mm1mm
Work Area4.3″ x 4.3″ or 5.9″ x 5.9″4.5″ x 4.5″6.3″ x 4.7″
ConnectivityWifi, USBWifi, USBUSB, Bluetooth
RotaryChuck, RollerChuckChuck
Electronic LiftVia accessory purchaseMotorized Z axisn/a
Work Area Extensionn/a15.7″ x 4.5″11.8″ x 6.3″
Control SoftwareMobile & Desktop AppsXCS Software (free), LightburnMobile & Desktop Apps
View Product »View Product »View Product »

Is the Gweike Cloud G2 Worth It?

Given its industrial power, portability, reasonable price, and impressive performance, the Gweike Cloud G2 is a great investment whether you’re a hobbyist or need a laser for professional use.

Its superior engraving speed is especially helpful for business owners who need to do large batches of work, and its accessories allow for a variety of creative concepts to be brought to market.

Whether you’re working on small-scale household projects or large-scale industrial applications, the Gweike Cloud G2 is a valuable tool that delivers extraordinary results and truly raises the bar in the engraving industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can the Gweike Cloud G2 engrave?

The Gweike Cloud G2 can engrave most metals, alloys, coated metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, titanium, and stainless steel. It can also engrave some plastics such as AEV, PET, acrylic, PVC, and other materials like artificial leather, lacquered paper, lacquered wood, some stones, purple sand, etc.

What is the working area of the Gweike Cloud G2?

The Gweike Cloud G2 has two options for engraving area: 4.3″ x 4.3″ or 5.9″ x 5.9″

Does the Gweike Cloud G2 offer color engraving?

Yes, the Gweike Cloud G2 offers color engraving on stainless steel and titanium, giving you plenty of creative options.

What is the maximum engraving depth of the Gweike Cloud G2?

Experience a deep engraving of up to 1.5mm with the Gweike Cloud G2!

Can the Gweike Cloud G2 be used for handheld and multi-angle engraving?

Absolutely! The Gweike Cloud G2 is a versatile and adaptable engraving machine, offering handheld and multi-angle engraving capabilities.

How does the Gweike Cloud G2 compare to competitors like xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4 in terms of engraving speed, accuracy, and depth?

The Gweike Cloud G2 is the clear winner when it comes to engraving speed and depth, and it has a similar accuracy as the LaserPecker 4

What accessories are available for the Gweike Cloud G2?

The Gweike Cloud G2 offers a range of accessories, including an electric lift stand, roller rotary for engraving on cylinders, chuck rotary for engraving on rings, a protective shield with smoke ventilation, and safety goggles.

What is the warranty policy for the Gweike Cloud G2?

The Gweike Cloud G2 comes with a 2-year warranty for the whole machine. During the warranty period, if the machine fails or is damaged due to non-human reasons, the maintenance and shipping costs are covered by the manufacturer.

How does Gweike Cloud compare to Glowforge?

In addition to the G2, Gweike makes a great CO2 laser cutter that is a solid alternative to the Glowforge plus or pro. See our full comparison here.

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