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Gweike Cloud Pro Review: A Comprehensive Look at this affordable CO2 Laser Cutter

Evaluating the Gweike Cloud Pro? Our review cuts through the marketing noise to analyze key features such as setup ease, cutting precision, and software integration. Discover if this CO2 laser cutter’s performance justifies its place in your creative toolkit or small business operations.

Key Takeaways

  • The Gweike Cloud Pro is designed for hobbyists and small businesses, offering good value for money and can operate offline, with an intuitive setup process despite its industrial-grade features.

  • It has a robust industrial frame, external pneumatic air-assist, and a rotary option for cylindrical objects, combined with a user-friendly working environment, though it may present a steep learning curve with its software.

  • Performance-wise, the Gweike Cloud Pro cuts and engraves a variety of materials with high precision and speed, compatible with LightBurn software, and stands out with its 50W laser power and advanced features at a competitive price point.

Introducing the Gweike Cloud Pro

Gweike Cloud Pro

The Gweike Cloud Pro hails from the house of Gweike, a manufacturer with over 18 years of experience in crafting industrial-grade laser cutters, including the gweike cloud laser. This machine is more than just a product; it’s an embodiment of Gweike’s commitment to performance and precision, as promised by options like the APC LensPro.

Designed for home or small workshop usage, the Gweike Cloud Pro caters to the creative needs of hobbyists and small businesses alike. With the introduction of the gweike cloud pro ii, the company continues to innovate and expand its product line.

Among the standout features of the Gweike Cloud Pro is its capability to operate offline. This is a boon for those in areas with unstable internet access, offering flexibility in both browser-based and offline software usage.

But make no mistake, the Gweike Cloud Pro is not just about convenience. Recognized for providing good value for money, this machine is designed for users willing to engage with a more complex experience to achieve the desired results.

As we explore the specifics of Gweike Cloud Pro, we keep the manufacturer’s claims in mind. Our hands-on review aims not simply to reiterate these claims, but to scrutinize them, providing you with an unbiased view of the product.

Setting Up Your Gweike Cloud Pro

Gweike Cloud Pro Parts

Upon arrival, the Gweike Cloud Pro impresses with its well-packaged and preassembled state, reflecting Gweike’s expertise in shipping laser equipment, including diode laser systems. Along with the main unit, which features a built in water chiller, the package comes with an inline fan, a pre-filter box, and a rotary attachment, the latter being a handy tool for engraving cylindrical objects like mugs.

Safety and functionality hold high priority in the Gweike Cloud Pro’s design. An auto-alarm system detects problems during use, and a venting system efficiently expels smoke and fumes. This reflects the extensive measures Gweike has taken to guarantee a safe and seamless user experience.

The setup process involves:

  1. Removing the honeycomb panel and waste tray

  2. Placing the rotary attachment inside the working area

  3. Connecting the rotary attachment to the machine

  4. Switching the machine to rotary mode

Although this may sound complex, the process is straightforward and well-guided, ensuring you can precisely locate the steps for a hassle-free setup.

Craftsmanship and User Experience

The Gweike Cloud Pro stands out with its robust industrial frame design, which contributes to its aesthetic appeal as well as stability. Complementing this sturdy build is an external pneumatic air-assist, a feature that ensures cleaner cuts and can be upgraded for improved performance. These thoughtful design choices reflect Gweike’s commitment to quality and user experience.

Real-World Performance Insights

As we further examine the Gweike Cloud Pro’s performance, we will evaluate its capabilities in practical scenarios. Cutting and engraving a wide range of materials, overcoming challenges, and software synergy form the core of this assessment. We’ll analyze these aspects to provide a comprehensive view of the Gweike Cloud Pro’s performance in real-world conditions.

Cutting and Engraving Capabilities

Versatile Cutting and Engraving

The cutting capabilities of the Gweike Cloud Pro are nothing short of impressive. The machine can handle a variety of materials with ease, including:

  • Rubber

  • Fabric

  • Leather

  • Wood

  • Melamine

  • MDF

  • Foam

The thickness capabilities range up to 17 mm, depending on the material.

The engraving capabilities of the Gweike Cloud Pro extend to diverse materials such as wood, leather, glass, cork, and rubber, while ensuring minimal burn marks during the process.

This laser cutter engraver with rotary attachment, accommodates a wide range of creative projects. It also takes engraving to the next level with its intricate 3D engraving feature on multiple surfaces. With adjustable engraving speed, users have the freedom to adjust DPI and power settings, allowing them to tailor the engraving quality and depth to their liking. The machine dimensions make it suitable for various workspaces.

The machine’s performance is further enhanced by the integration of an APC LensPro with a 2.0” FL Lens and a built in air assist, which is a pneumatic, user-upgradable feature. This Pro II combination excels in detailed engraving tasks while enhancing the cutting quality.

Speed and Accuracy Under Scrutiny

High-Speed Engraving

The Gweike Cloud Pro boasts top speeds of 600mm/s for engraving and 36000mm/min for cutting operations, outperforming some of its competitors. However, speed is inconsequential without accuracy, akin to a car without brakes. Thankfully, the Gweike Cloud Pro doesn’t disappoint on this front either.

With a carving precision of 0.025mm and aided by a linear guide rail, the machine ensures high stability and accuracy, even at high speeds. When compared to the Glowforge Plus, the Gweike Cloud Pro offers faster engraving speeds and more powerful 50W laser functionality, enhancing its operational efficiency in laser cutting.

Testing the machine across different materials like corrugated paper and acrylic at various speed settings further underscores the Gweike Cloud Pro’s performance versatility.

Software Synergy and Limitations

The Gweike Cloud Pro is compatible with LightBurn software and offers connectivity options via USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. However, it’s important to note that the full version with the necessary DSP license requires an additional purchase.

The software provided with the Gweike Cloud Pro allows for a wide range of design and setting adjustments, including vector shaping, power, speed, and engraving parameters.

Enhancements in user experience include a live preview camera for design alignment and image extraction, as well as a QR-code driven material recognition feature. The web-based software implementation, such as Google Autodraw, allows for updates without the need for local installation, contributing to ease of use and maintained efficiency over time.

Is the Gweike Cloud Pro Worth the Investment?

The Gweike Cloud Pro offers:

  • Amazing value for money, with a lower cost than many competitors

  • A 50w CO2 powerful laser that is more powerful than other lasers in the same price range

  • Unique capabilities, such as stable offline operation and a rotary option for cylindrical object engraving

  • Not available in certain competitors like Glowforge.

At $2,950, the Gweike Cloud Pro might seem like a significant investment. However, the machine often has discounts available, making it a competitive choice for budget-conscious buyers. Plus, it is much cheaper than its competitor, Glowforge Plus, which costs $5,000.

Even though it requires a steep learning curve, users who dedicate the time to acquaint themselves with the Gweike Cloud Pro find its effective performance rewarding. While some software-related issues have been noted, these are expected to improve over time, making the Gweike Cloud Pro a worthy contender in the world of CO2 laser cutters.


The Gweike Cloud Pro stands as a testament to Gweike’s commitment to delivering a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly laser cutting solution. With its robust design, diverse material compatibility, high-speed performance, and numerous engraving and cutting capabilities, it offers a comprehensive package for hobbyists and small businesses.

While the machine comes with a steeper learning curve and some software-related limitations, the overall value it provides makes it a worthy investment. Whether you’re looking to unleash your creative potential or seeking a reliable tool for your small business, the Gweike Cloud Pro promises to be a game-changer. It’s not just about what the machine can do; it’s about what you can create with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the engraving speed of the Gweike Cloud Pro?

The engraving speed of the Gweike Cloud Pro is up to 600mm/s, making it efficient for engraving operations.

What materials can the Gweike Cloud Pro cut and engrave?

The Gweike Cloud Pro can cut and engrave materials such as rubber, fabric, leather, wood, melamine, MDF, and Mylar, among others, providing versatility for different projects.

Does the Gweike Cloud Pro require an additional purchase for full software functionality?

Yes, the Gweike Cloud Pro requires an additional purchase for full software functionality, including the full version of the LightBurn software with a necessary DSP license.

Is the Gweike Cloud Pro worth the investment?

Absolutely, the Gweike Cloud Pro is a worthwhile investment due to its unique capabilities, great value for money, and competitive pricing.

What are the unique features of the Gweike Cloud Pro?

The Gweike Cloud Pro’s unique features include stable offline operation, a rotary option for cylindrical object engraving, and compatibility with diverse file formats. These features make it a versatile and efficient laser engraving machine.

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