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LaserPecker 4 Review: What Sets This New Dual Laser Apart?

LaserPecker 4 designs

LaserPecker came onto the laser engraver scene in 2017 when they successfully launched the LP1 via crowd funding. Since then, they’ve released a handful of high quality, well designed products garnering millions on pre-sales through several Kickstarters. There’s a reason LaserPeckers appear 3 times in our rundown of the best portable laser engravers that you can use anywhere – they make good products!

Well, their success continues with the recent launch of the LaserPecker 4 – their newest handheld laser engraver which became available in August of 2023.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key features that set this new dual laser apart, from its impressive engraving speed and accuracy to its ease of assembly and portability. We also compare it to its predecessor, the LaserPecker 3, at the end of this article.

Short Summary

  • LaserPecker 4’s dual laser technology allows it to engrave on a much wider variety of materials than its competitors

  • It’s high engraving speed and accuracy make this machine a good candidate for a small business to use on smaller engraving projects

  • Like other LaserPecker products, LP4 is well designed for portability, meaning you can engrave almost anywhere.

LaserPecker 4: Key Features and Benefits

LaserPecker 4 is a powerful laser engraver that boasts a unique dual-laser configuration, combining a 1064nm infrared laser and a 10W 450nm diode laser to handle various materials effortlessly. These laser machines, specifically this portable dual laser engraver, can engrave and cut materials like wood, paper, plastic, leather, and more.

But what makes it even more amazing is its engraving speed of up to 2000mm/s and high engraving accuracy, reaching 8K resolution and 0.003mm granularity.

Dual-Laser System

LaserPecker 4 dual laser

The heart of LaserPecker 4 lies in its dual-laser system, combining a 1064nm infrared laser for engraving metal and plastic and a 10W 450nm diode laser for engraving and cutting wood, leather, and glass.

This awesome combo allows for a wide range of applications, making LaserPecker 4 an incredibly versatile machine. Plus, adjusting the height of the laser head is a breeze with the buttons on the electrical stand.

LaserPecker 4 is a powerful tool that can work on many different materials, including lacquered metal, anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, bamboo, wood, leather, food, paper, fabric, photosensitive printing, plastic, acrylic, tinted glass, and color glaze ceramics.

If you’re interested in working with a large variety of materials then this machine could be right for you.

Engraving Speed

Speed is essential, especially when you have numerous projects to complete. The LaserPecker 4 offers an engraving speed of up to 2000mm/s, making it significantly faster than many other laser engravers available on the market. If you’re considering running a small business or just making some side income with your laser, then engraving speed is very important to allow for fast turnaround times.

Engraving Accuracy

High engraving accuracy is crucial for achieving lifelike, detailed engravings. LaserPecker 4 boasts an impressive 8K resolution and a granularity of 0.003mm, allowing you to create amazingly detailed and realistic engravings with ease.

Having a high accuracy is particularly important if you want to use your machine to create and sell high quality engravings and make some side income, especially given that the LaserPecker 4 has a larger engraving area than its predecessors. It would be a great machine to use while taking advantage of the 68 3D illusion designs that you can purchase and sell, which we previously compiled.

Moreover, the machine’s focus system employs two red dots laser pointers that intersect at a certain height, which is the focal distance of the blue and infrared diode lasers. This exciting feature ensures optimal engraving accuracy for various materials, making LaserPecker 4 an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users alike.

High Resolution Touch Screen

The LaserPecker 4 has a beautiful high-res touch screen right on the device. This screen makes it easy to switch between the infrared laser and diode laser, monitor your work progress, and access your file history.

LaserPecker 4 touch screen

Ease of Assembly and Portability

Another advantage of LaserPecker 4 is its ease of assembly and portability. The assembly process is super easy, taking just 10 minutes to complete without any instructions! This user-friendly assembly allows you to start engraving in no time, making it perfect for those who want to dive right into their creative projects.

LaserPecker 4 components

Simple Setup Process

The setup process for LaserPecker 4 is a breeze. Simply attach the tower to the base unit using screws and a wrench, and then attach the Laser Unit to the Electric Stand. Downloading and installing the LaserPecker App is also quick and easy, with clear instructions provided to guide you through the process.

Connecting the machine to the app is just as simple – connect both to the same Wi-Fi network and follow the instructions. With such a straightforward setup process, you’ll be up and running in no time!

Compact Design

The compact design of LaserPecker 4 makes it incredibly portable and easy to transport from one place to another. Despite its small size, the machine still offers a generous work area of 6.3″ x 4.7″, making it perfect for small projects.

This combination of portability and functionality makes LaserPecker 4 an excellent choice for laser engraving enthusiasts on the go.

Extending Functionality with Accessories

LaserPecker 4’s functionality can be further expanded with the addition of optional accessories, such as the slide extension and rotary extension. These accessories allow you to tackle a wider range of projects and materials with ease, making the LaserPecker 4 even more versatile and powerful.

The slide extension allows you to engrave on curved surfaces, while the rotary extension allows you to engrave on curved surfaces.

Slide Extension

LaserPecker 4 slide extension

The slide extension increases the work area to 11.8″ x 6.3″. Installation is super easy – simply place it under the laser head, plug in its cables, and toggle the setting in the software. The slide extension also features a slatted bed that helps with smoke ventilation, preventing flashback and scorching on the bottom of laser-cut pieces.

Rotary Extension

LaserPecker 4 rotary

The rotary extension enables engraving on cylindrical objects, adding even more versatility to the LaserPecker 4’s capabilities. With an easy setup process and adjustable jaws, the rotary extension offers a wide range of engraving options for various cylindrical objects.

However, it’s worth noting that the tailstock deflects when it encounters too much pressure, making centering spherical workpieces that require its support more difficult.

Software and Connectivity

LaserPecker 4 software

LaserPecker 4 offers various software and connectivity options, though some improvements could be made to enhance the user experience.

LaserPecker Design Space App

The LaserPecker Design Space app, available for Android and iOS, allows you to control your LaserPecker 4 with ease. However, the app’s clumsy UI and lack of instructions can make it impractical for serious use of the laser engraver.

For a better experience, users may prefer the desktop version of the software, which offers more features and functionality.

Desktop Software

The LaserPecker desktop software offers additional features compared to the mobile app, including more precise control over engraving parameters and image editing features.

However, the software has some issues, such as the inability to detect transparent backgrounds of PNG files, confusingly labeled engraving speeds, and inaccurate preset material settings.

Despite these drawbacks, the desktop software is still a valuable tool for users who require more advanced functionality for their engraving projects.

Connectivity Options

LaserPecker 4 offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity options, giving you the flexibility to choose the best method for your needs. USB is the recommended method for PC control and accessory integration, as it provides a more stable connection and better data transfer speeds.

With these connectivity options, you can easily control your LaserPecker 4 and complete your engraving projects without any hassle.

Safety Features and Considerations

Safety is always a priority when working with laser engravers, and LaserPecker 4 takes this into account by including several safety features to protect users during operation. These features include a laser light shield, laser goggles, and an emergency stop button, ensuring that you can work confidently with the machine.

Laser Light Shield

The laser light shield helps protect users from direct exposure to the laser beam, while its built-in fan aids in fume extraction. The shield is made of partially transparent orange acrylic, allowing you to easily monitor your project while remaining protected from the laser.

Although it doesn’t provide complete fume extraction, the laser light shield is still an essential safety feature for LaserPecker 4 users.

Laser Goggles

Eye protection is crucial when working with lasers, and LaserPecker 4 includes laser goggles with an optical density of OD4+ to safeguard your eyes during operation. These goggles are designed to protect against wavelengths ranging from 190nm to 550nm and 800nm to 1100nm, ensuring that your eyes remain safe while using the optimal laser source.

By using these laser goggles, you can be sure that your eyes are protected from any potential danger.

Emergency Stop Button

In case of an emergency, LaserPecker 4 features an easily accessible emergency stop button that allows you to quickly cancel jobs and turn off the laser. Located on top of the device, near the handle, the emergency stop button provides an additional layer of safety for users during operation.

Price and Value Proposition

Price Comparison

When compared to other laser engravers on the market, LaserPecker 4 is priced at $1,699, making it more expensive than some other options available for hobbyists, including the LaserPecker 3.

Although the price may be higher than other models, the unique features and capabilities of LaserPecker 4 justify the cost for experienced users who are looking for a versatile and powerful laser engraver.

Target Users

LaserPecker 4 is perfect for experienced users who are laser engraving enthusiasts and individuals who need a convenient portable solution for laser engraving and cutting.

While its impressive features and capabilities make it an attractive option for experienced users, beginners might prefer other alternatives like xTool M1 or F1. These offer a more user-friendly experience and better software integration.

For those who are just starting out, these alternatives may be a better choice. They provide.

How Does LaserPecker 4 Compare to LaserPecker 3?

LaserPecker 4 (LP4) Highlights

  1. Dual-Laser System: The LP4 is the world’s first portable engraver with a dual-laser system. This means it can handle almost any material you throw at it. Whether it’s wood, acrylic, glass, leather, or even metals like stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the LP4 has got you covered.

  2. Larger Engraving Area: With the LP4, you get a larger engraving area, which is great for bigger projects or batch engraving.

  3. Smart LED Touch Screen: This feature makes the LP4 user-friendly. You can easily switch between laser sources, monitor work progress, and access file history.

  4. Precision & Speed: The LP4 boasts being the most accurate, powerful, and fastest LaserPecker ever. It can engrave with a fine detail of 0.003 mm accuracy and at speeds up to 2000 mm/s.

  5. Safety Features: The LP4 comes with a plethora of safety features, including a protective safety shield, safety goggles, a fully enclosed safety cover, overheat protection, and tilt protection.

LaserPecker 3 (LP3) Highlights

  1. Metal & Plastic Engraver: The LP3 is specifically designed for engraving metals and plastics using a 1064nm pulsed laser.

  2. Ultra-High Precision: It offers 4k precision and a 0.01MM spot for detailed engravings.

  3. Dual Red-Light Focus: This feature simplifies the focusing process, making it easier for users to get started with their engraving projects.

  4. Batch Engraving: The LP3 is designed for batch engraving, making it ideal for business cards, customized items, and more.

  5. Portability: The LP3 promotes engraving on-the-go with its 360° rotation feature and compatibility with power banks.

Is the LaserPecker 4 better than the LaserPecker 3?

The LP4’s dual-laser system is a game-changer. It means you’re not limited to just metals and plastics; you can engrave on a wider range of materials. The smart LED touch screen of the LP4 offers a more intuitive user experience. Additionally, the LP4’s larger engraving area and enhanced safety features make it a more versatile and user-friendly option.

In conclusion, while both engravers are top-notch, the LP4 seems to offer more versatility, especially for those who work on diverse materials. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, the LaserPecker 4 seems to be pushing the boundaries of what portable engravers can achieve.

Read our full LaserPecker 3 review here. And for an in depth look at the LaserPecker 2, see our review here.


In summary, LaserPecker 4 is a powerful and versatile laser engraver that offers a unique dual-laser system, fast engraving speed, and high accuracy.

Its ease of assembly, portability, and ability to extend functionality with accessories make it an attractive option for experienced users.

While the software limitations and price point may deter beginners, the LaserPecker 4 remains a compelling choice for those seeking a compact, feature-rich laser engraver to unleash their creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LaserPecker 4 any good?

The LaserPecker 4 is a top-of-the-line machine. Its dual laser technology allowing for use on a wide range of materials and its high speed means quick turnaround times.

What is the difference between LaserPecker 4 and 3?

The LaserPecker 4 features two laser light sources – a 10W diode and a 2W pulsed fiber laser, providing far greater power than the 5W diode of the LaserPecker 3. Additionally, LaserPecker 4’s engraving area is larger, making it more versatile.

Is LaserPecker 2 worth it?

The LaserPecker 2 is perfect for small-format engraving projects, with the added benefit of a space-saving option and an attachable hood vent to keep smoke and smell to a minimum.

What materials can the LaserPecker 4 engrave on?

LaserPecker 4 is a powerful tool that can work on many different materials, including lacquered metal, anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, bamboo, wood, leather, food, paper, fabric, photosensitive printing, plastic, acrylic, tinted glass, and color glaze ceramics.

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